International relations
We have a presence in Atlanta, Quebec, and London. While technological advances have made the world smaller, many subtle and not so subtle differences exist between pubic relations and marketing in North America and Europe. Our awareness of these peculiarities and contacts in these markets will help you put your best foot forward and be welcomed by the media and consumers.

Government relations
For the uninitiated, navigating any bureaucracy can be nerve-racking and time- consuming. Negotiating your way through and projecting your key message to local, state, and federal government agencies requires a most unique and precise form of public relations. Fininvest-USA has the knowledge and experience you need to be successful with government relations.

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RFP consulting for government agencies
For over 20 years, Fininvest-USA has answered requests for proposals to obtain contracts for our company and for clients. We have also served as consultants to government agencies to help them write RFPs and evaluate proposals. This experience on both sides of the table gives us a unique perspective on the RFP writing and evaluation process.