Image consulting
In an age of instantaneous digital communication, how you look and sound is often as important as the content of what you actually say. This is as true for an enterprise as it is for an individual. While first impressions may not always be the truest reflection of who you are, they are sometimes the only picture you are allowed to project. It is important to project a positive image, and Fininvest-USA can help you do so.

Media consulting
Media consulting can range from advising you on what paid media to buy for an advertising campaign to advising you how to deal with the press for public relations opportunities. Regardless of what kind of media consulting you need, Fininvest-USA has the experience and contacts necessary to help you promote your product, service, or cause.

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Proposal writers/consultants
The structure, presentation, and content of your writing will make or break your proposition, regardless of the merit of your proposal. Make sure you at least have a fighting chance of being heard and considered by using our experts to craft and frame your ideas in the best possible light, to maximize benefits, and show they far outweigh any perceived negatives or contrary views.